We know the only true judgement of our training and personal development must come from the people who have attended our courses.

Here’s a snapshot of the feedback we receive at Brilliance Training and Development from some of the amazing people we’ve met.

Peter has run several bespoke courses for my company and will most definitely be invited back again. People he has worked with buzz for days after his sessions. Great motivator!

Philippa Hawkins

Training Manager, UK Technology Centre, Innovation Group

I’ve worked with Peter on many occasions, he has helped me as a person, a father and a coach so much. Definitely take the time to connect and meet with Peter, it’s life-changing.

Kevin Caplehorn

PGA Advanced golf professional, Wickham Park Golf Club

I have known Peter Taylor for a number of years and he is without doubt the best coach on the workings of the mind I have had the pleasure to work with.

From very early on in meeting him, he told me and consequently many others that we ‘were’ going to be successful and we not only believed him, we were successful!

He has a relaxed, informative and fun way of delivering his messages.

Gary Stubbington

PGA Hockley

I’ve attended several training courses with Peter over the last few years and they’ve all been excellent and insightful! 

On top of being great fun, his techniques have been so helpful and easy to apply in both work and home situations. 

Peter has also been very generous with his time in helping me get to grips with understanding the nature of thought and I’m very grateful as I know this will ease my life considerably and I can’t wait to pass this on to others!

Solveig Store

HR Manager, The Royal School

This is no ordinary training and Peter is no ordinary trainer. The insights he shared on his Wellbeing and Resilience course helped me understand and banish the negative thoughts that can hold us back and rely instead on our in-built ability to react to situations positively, without self-doubt.

Anne-Marie Maguire

Partner, Brandabble Marketing

Peter consistently attracts event scores in the “excellent” tolerances and he really makes a difference to the staff and delegates he trains. 

He is an inspirational trainer and many of our staff now have excellent knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours matching our organisational standards and frameworks as a direct result of attending one of his events. 

In times of organisational change, we have valued and welcomed his pragmatic and solution-based approach to solving challenges and overcoming barriers.

Julie Ferroni

Learning & Development Operations Manager, West Sussex County Council

Pete is a superb trainer and I thoroughly enjoyed his course in Wellbeing & Resilience through Change. 

He was so mindful of what each individual wanted to get out of the training and I learnt about so many more psychological concepts and theories which I hadn’t heard of before. He really listened to the group and opened up lots of interesting debates. 

I absolutely loved the course and Pete’s style of training. He is a credit to the profession and anyone would be lucky to be trained by him. Thank you again Pete!

Gaby Markham

Learning and Development Consultant, Surrey County Council

Peter is the embodiment of what he believes and coaches. His thorough and continuously evolving knowledge of performance psychology is always perfectly pitched to the audience he has.

I have returned to Peter several times and on each occasion, I have learnt new methods and skills in critical thinking and situational analysis.

I fully recommend Peter to help unlock your, or your colleagues’ inner creativity and innovation skills during this period of financial challenge and business reorganisation.

Ed Henriet

Force Liaison Lead, HM Constabulary Fire and Rescue Service

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