Our Game-Changing Approach

We have over 30 years’ experience providing outcome-based training and development for frontline staff, team leaders and senior managers, across both the private and public sector.

Feedback on the practical courses and workshops we deliver is consistently outstanding and participants leave our sessions well-equipped with the learning outcomes and skills you need from your workforce.

“Peter helped me get to grips with understanding the nature of thought and I’m very grateful as I know this will ease my life considerably.  I can’t wait to pass this on to others!”

Our game-changing approach

What makes Brilliance Training and Development special is that we don’t just give people the practical skills they need to perform individual elements of their job.

We provide added value by helping people to totally transform their experience of the world through a simple shift in their thinking.

The simple application of our approach results in an inner confidence, resilience and creativity that goes way beyond what any traditional training techniques can deliver.

Inside-Out Thinking

Our fears, stress, anger and feelings of insecurity are created by the thoughts we have and the attention we pay them.

We help people to understand that all thoughts are fleeting and it is only when we “feed” these thoughts that we create uncertainty, stress and a lack of confidence.

Our training is underpinned by an innovative approach to managing our mind which improves communication, collaboration, relationships and ultimately performance – way beyond the training day.

Imagine a workforce who show no fear and who face change with confidence and resilience.

Delivering lifelong change and personal development

From the eradication of chronic stress, to being a catalyst for creative thinking, the understanding we share in our sessions remains with people for life.

What’s more, it works across the private, public and charity sector and for people at all levels of an organisation.

Maximise your training budget

With the insight we provide on our courses, your employees will have the resilience and unshakeable confidence they need to take on new challenges, perform difficult tasks and improve their working relationships.

As soon as people see how easy it is to replace fear and uncertainty with confidence and resilience, organisations no longer need to waste their training budget on ineffective courses which unknowingly ignore a fundamental fact about how our minds operate. 

“Without doubt the best coach on the workings of the mind I have had the pleasure to work with.”

“It’s not magic or rocket-science,”

Peter Taylor
Director of Brilliance Training and Development

After 30 years in the profession of supporting people in learning and personal development, I can honestly say that managing your state of mind has never been so timely and needed.

This is reflected in higher levels of stress, absenteeism in the workplace and lower levels of motivation.

My approach is very much descriptive, not prescriptive. 

I train by guiding people to access their own insights to solve problems and create endless possibilities. 

You can’t tell people what’s best for them and I can’t tell them my personal opinion about their circumstances – people have to see this for themselves and my role is to guide and facilitate.

See for yourself

The irony of inside-out thinking is that it is incredibly simple to share with people in our sessions, but not easy to capture in a few lines on a website.

We’re always happy to talk to potential clients and explain how we work, so please do get in touch and you will see for yourself the potential impact of our approach for your organisation.

Contact us

If you are based in Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, East and West Sussex, why don’t you arrange for Peter to come and meet you to discuss your training needs.

If you’re based further afield, we will gladly arrange a Skype or telephone call to say hello and find out more.

Either email us or call us on 07711 820800 and let’s start something amazing.