Peter Taylor

Peter Taylor (MCIPD, MSc HRD), has been training and coaching staff across the private, public and voluntary sector for over 30 years.

Brilliance Training and Development was established over 20 years ago and Peter has earned a reputation as one of the South East’s most innovative and effective personal development training specialists. 

Peter’s friendly, engaging style and vast experience creates truly personal and effective learning experiences for participants on his courses.

“Peter is the embodiment of what he believes and coaches. His thorough and continuously evolving knowledge of performance psychology is always perfectly pitched to the audience he has.”

Experience commissioning and providing training 

Having worked in-house as a corporate training manager in the public sector, Peter understands the pressures on training budgets and the myriad of training needs which need to be addressed at any one time.

Through Brilliance Training and Development, Peter provides value for money training and learning solutions which deliver long-lasting results and outcomes for people who attend his courses.

Helping people to understand and access their innate creativity, resilience and brilliance is a passion for Peter and runs through the core of his innovative approach to personal development.

Helping sportspeople improve their performance

In addition to working with businesses and organisations, Peter uses his fresh approach to help golfers and other sportspeople to improve their confidence and performance.

The power and effectiveness of his approach means anyone can benefit from his training sessions and apply their learning in all areas of their professional and personal life.

“Peter told me and consequently many others that we ‘were’ going to be successful and we not only believed him – we were successful!”

Contact us

If you are based in Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, East and West Sussex, why don’t you arrange for Peter to come and meet you to discuss your training needs.

If you’re based further afield, we will gladly arrange a Skype or telephone call to say hello and find out more.

Either email us or call us on 07711 820800 and let’s start something amazing.